Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #21



1. This is the best, what a beautiful and sweet dog


2. This is what happens when you leaves your dog alone

From @sammythegolden247

3. Sneaky golden retriever boy

From @benny_and_remy

4. Did mom just say treats?

From @tuckerbudzyn

5. How sweet and precious. He really enjoys the bath! That cute little face!

From @colinthegolden

6. They are so sweet

From @mango.eddie

7. Nope not us, maybe the cat did


8. Cute babies ❤️ They are best friend now 

From @sun5king

9. Shark or a golden retriever?

From @thegoldenbros_t.b

10. The eyebrow raise at the end got me! 🫠


11. What a handsome boy


12. Look at his legendary dance moves 💙

From @bakerbarnes

13. Telegoldens 😂❤️

From @goldenbearollie

14. They are twins...!❤️


15. He just happy to be there 🥰

From @helperdognala

16. Sweet goldens ❤️

From @tuckerbudzyn

17. Is this dog pure golden retriever?

From  @benny_and_remy

18. This is what we call: Teamwork


19. What an awesome fur baby! Different face of a golden retriever

From @maui_thegoldenpup

20. They are waiting for you


21. He is just vibing 🥰

From @goldenchilidog

22. You got a friend in me ♥️

From  @arnoldthedoginator

23. They are the cutest


24. Sweetness overload ❤️

From @canilfarol

25. Cutie ❤️He demand all the treats

From @goodasgoldens

26. It’s a cute baby shark😂


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