Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #20



1. How sweet are they!

From @arrowwoodretrievers


3. Pacha’s first trip to the mountains! ❄️

From  @goldengirlpacha

4. At least they tried 😂❤️

From @benny_and_remy

5. He demand all the treats


From @san_diego_bruce

6. Nothing better ❤️They will inseparable buddies for life

From  @rachellruss

7. Muddy boy

From @freddy.goldenretriever

8. Love this cute barbie boy ❤️

From @thedukeofmadison

9. Is this heaven? 🥰 The only kind of party I’d be excited to attend

From @golden_crumpe

10. This is why golden retrievers are the best!

From @_olives_odyssey_

11. They like it so much 😂❤️

From @tuckerbudzyn

12. I bring two balls to you hooman

From @dogterbergs


14. Emotional Support Buddies ❤️

From @fly_e_sky

15. Try this with your dogs!

From @marleyinnyc

16. His side eye is hilarious 😂❤️

From @thegoldentonka

17. Balance boy! So smart! Walks like a model on the catwalk!


18. Angry attitude 😤I demand more treats!


19. Mom and her kid, in golden retriever version

From TT

20. Here I come to you momm


21. I believe I can fly 💙

From @opgoldens

22. Sleep play 😂

From @hudsonbegood

23. Making my ancestors proud 😂❤️

From @goldenbrudders

24. Im in love with the doggo

From @maui_thegoldenpup

25. A dream come true 😍😂

From @hdbrosriley

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