Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #17



1. "Hey dad, can you get a picture of me with the sunset?” Thx!

From @chasin_chester

2. Golden moments 💛


From  @catsivula

3. The cutest awoo ❤️

From @goodasgoldens

4. Wake up, time to playy

From @goldendayswithhaze

5. Such a good boy 🥰So cuddlesome

From @top_prides

6. When 488 Golden Retrievers meet at their ancestral home

From puppy.diaries

7. Boy is living everyone dream life

From @tsarevich.golden.retrievers

8. Puppy Love ❤️Look the happiness of this girl! ❤️

From : @tsarevich.golden.retrievers

9. He swiming! Good boy

From @bambi_thegoldenn

10. Halloween throwback, tricks or treats!!

From @victoriadw619

11. Halloween pawty throwback 

From @victoriadw619

12. Best companion ❤️

From @benny_and_remy

13. Time fur snuggles dad

From  @marleyinnyc

14.  What a sweet pair and she is trying so hard to pull her

From @ruffryderthegr

15. So much true love ! Precious friends!

From @timber.the.golden

16. Good life 🐶 Daddy's Girl.

From @mayamoo_golden

17. Cutest thing 🥰Beautiful bodyguards


18. A great mom


19. All about the doggo vibe 🐾🐶


20. All about golden retriever puppy vibe!


21. Is this heaven? 🥰❤️

From  @goldendogfarmvt

22. Special moment with his favorite toys🥹❤️

From @aguyandagoldenn

23. Just a typical day with these goofballs 🤩

From @captainthegoldenn

24. I want to attend this bday pawty!

From @captainthegoldenn

25. Oh that is the most beautiful XMas picture ever !

From @antoniothegolden

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