Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile



1. The expressions


2. I’m not a dog, I’m a golden retriever.


3. Smart dog 🐶

From @sunnyboyfloyd

4. So precious


5. Clever doggo



6. Breaking generational patterns! 😌

From @cissathegoldenpup

7. Just a bigger puppy 😍❤️

From @benny_and_remy

8. The face of pure happiness 😍

From @bowenthegolden1

9. The confusion in her eyes😂

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

10. So precious 🥹❤️

From @frank.n.chips

11. This is hilarious 😂❤️

From @hudsonbegood

12. Just a small bite 😅

From @brunoblonde

13. This is Timber. He gets so excited he has to hold on to something to keep calm. So adorable 🥰

From @timber.the.golden

14. This is so cute 😍

From @kylothegoldenpup

15. A good game of “No take, only throw!” 😂 What would you name this game?

From @newton_the_golden_retriever_

16. Robbers don’t know what’s coming for them 😏

From @firstlynutrition @huntytherottie @iamkipmilly

17. He looks like a little golden bear 🐻❤️

From @ourgoldensunnie

18. Never give up on your dreams or ball 🐶❤️

From @hudsonbegood


From @lizzie.bear

20. His little smile 😭❤️

From @goldenchilidog

21. Madam you’re percisely 120 seconds late 😤

From @Jeter.theretriever

22. So cute 😂❤️

From @thegoldendasher

23. Best feeling ever ❤️

From @the3retrievers

24. He has a very impawtant job 😂

From @nashypaws

25. Golden Retriever school

From @victoriadw619

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This is/was the absolute BEST video I’ve seen in a very, very long time! I smiled through the video and couldn’t help but to think about my pup now and all of my pups who’ve crossed that bridge. I’m the EPITOME of “dog” mom. We weren’t able to have 2-legged babies but we’ve had many 4-legged ones. Unless they were being ugly, I don’t say they’re “dogs,” lol. I refer to them as pups. Sorry,not,sorry for writing a book but these videos just got me.

Oh, btw, I’ve never had golden retrievers before; most of our (my husband and mine) pups were rottin rotties and then a couple of mixed breeds (a black lab/Great Pyrenees mix and a pittie/lab/Staffordshire terrier mix). Love all my babies 😍!

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