Cutiest Videos of Golden Retriever Labrador For Your Day

1. Peek a boo

From @coco.aram

2. Enjoy the swing, how adorable is this little fluff boy

From @golden_chappy

3. He took all the spot of the yoga class

From @harvey_colorado

4. Mine mom, this one is mine

From @lifeofsterlingnewton

5. Cuddle time with dad is the best time, how fluffy and adorable

From @henry.and.luke

6. Mom, this is too hilarious and I love it

From @lifeofleo_goldenretriever

7. Look at this big tiny ears, how adorable

From @benjaminogolden

8. Surf’s up and enjoy the water, out day is the best day ever!

From @golden_chappy

9. Look at that wiggle tail, how cute and adorable

From @stagegulchgoldens

10. My favorite toy in this house

From @copleythegoldenboy

11. We share the same stick, happy time

From @the_monty_man

12. But not all the time, we are not sharing the stick

From @the_monty_man

13. It's bath time again mom, and I love bath time

From @bigbadcash

14. Cuddle time with mom, and I love play time with mom

From @goodboymulligan

15. Do not disturb, it's sleeping time, no wakey

From @Tripawd_diary

16. I can not wait till bath time, and I will much more fluffy and cutie

From @gusthegoldenretrieverr

17. The kind of book shelf I ever want

From @ironhillretrievers

18. And I am good at this, singing and keeping the beat for you mom

From @marty.and.murphy

19. Only way to stay cool during this horrible heatwave - sleep in your water bowl

From @mcintire_mountain_goldens

20. Only Golden owner will understand this

From @simba.ogoldenn

21. Weird, but comfortable, but I am cute so mom will love me anyway

From @brewski.o

22. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. I belong in the front seat

From @hinckleyparks

23. I love this game, and I can do it over and over with you mom

From @naruto_sasuke_osgoldens

24. Awh, how adorable is that tiny little face

From @sunnycreeklabmom

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