Cutie Golden Retriever Doggo Videos Will Make You Smile

1. That little baby smile

From @nellydayz @living_with_walter

2. Pawtection first, treats second

From @maxthegolden____

3. Guard Dog on Duty

From @whiskyretrieverboy

4. Tag someone who always falls asleep in the car

From @good.boy.nash

5. The best, he is so happy

From  @drakethepupstar

6. It should be illegal to be so cute

From leftonred__

7. Happy Monday

From @samminigolden

8. I don’t see the problem

From @aguyandagoldenn

9. Fair enough

From @thegoldwinston

10. Looks like a good life to me

From @ladyandtheblues

11. It’s hot out there. Don’t forget to water your goldens

From @canilfarol

12. Ay yoo, I am watching you

From @yago_goldenboy

13. BRB, going to teach Emma how to do this

From @elliegoldenlife

14. Time with mom is the best, Melts my heart

From @the3retrievers

15. Happy Day to all the kinds of dads out there

From @nothin_but_nala

16. It’s true though

From @aguyandagoldenn

17. Be happy

From @teamfluffnuggets

18. Live your best life

From @winniethegoldenpupper

19. It’s a Portable Retriever

From @ohhhh_ollie

20. Nom nom nom

From @chasin_chester

21. She is the prettiest bride

From @zara.golden

22. Balls everywhere


23. Best worker

From TT

24. The sweetest

From @winniethegoldenpupper

25. Surviving summer like

From @kyler_sandiego

26. Sweetest scratchies

From @zeus_thegodlygolden

27. Help is on the way

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

28. Bundle of cuteness, Yes please

From @mygoldenslife

29. Muddy paws are a thing

From @ysabelrandell

30. So sweet, I love this little boy.. he has good parents

From @_olives_odyssey_

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