Cute Golden Retriever Vids For You

1. The perfect game of fetch

From  @hudsonbegood

2. Make sure to turn up your sound to hear the cutest snoring puppy. The first time we heard her snore we couldn’t stop laughing. Does your dog snore?

From @skylars.the.limit

3. If money can’t buy happiness then explain this Right? Right? Who is ever dis happy to see you?

From @chillin.with.chelsea

4. Am cute?

From @tuckerbudzyn

5. Who can resist? What do you think furriends, does mom have an addiction? Does she need sum reehab?

From @rylie_chesney_and_winston

6. Don’t mind me…just making myself comfy

From @goldenretrieverblu_

7. Does what he wants..

From @renagadethegolden

8. I’m a potato⁣

From @pearl.the.golden.girl

9. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen

From @itsatlasthegolden

10. True love from the very start

From @winniethegoldenpupper

11. Not the coolest guy on the block but always down to party

From @wallace_the_golden_child

12. Me trying to find my keys in the morning

From @sammythegolden247

13. Becoming one wid da splish splash

From @marleyinnyc

14. When you’re out of shape and Dad has to carry you the rest of the way home...

From @golden_huck_fin

15. Linda needs to stop being competitive and make us do all these viral challenges. Ruby has her own choice of treato and I follow my heart in terms of eating

From @maui_thegoldenpup

16. Me no likey escalators

From @googlegoldendorado

17. Dance like nobody's watching. Don't worry, he's just itching himself and it only lasted a minute, all is good now!

From @scoutgoldenretriever

18. It’s about dance time…

From @bakerbarnes


From @madnesswithmurph

20. Mom says I’m her best co-pilot. We must always hold paws at red lights & stop signs

From @jaxandjillthegoldens

21. My favorite snack

From @miloandoaks

22. Goodest boi glow up

From @chloehachiko

23. Dis my best friend

From @jaxandjillthegoldens

24. Excuse me, who da heck is that?!?

From @winston_moose

25. When I first discovered the refrigerator, it was so cool

From @kyler_sandiego

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