Cute Golden Retriever Moments

1. My turn, Can you eat and leave it like that

From @jimbopupperino

2. Being cute is tough

From @penny.thegoldengirl

3. Unexplainable

From  @louis_v_cavoodle

4. So lovely

From @sammythegolden247

5. Wait for it lol

From @goldenchilidog

6. Rate this attack from 1-10

From  @the3retrievers

7. This is so true

From  @canine.cinderella

8. True love

From  @hugo.the.heartthrob

9. Wait for it, how beautiful

From @beaunosebones

10. Hey, Very cute and funny, I love the way he lay in the tub

From  @miles_atlas_adventures

11. A bit annoying

From  @oakley_and_rusty

12. Stay toxic

From @monte_thegolden

13. Warning signs

From  @ilovemyretrieverdog

14. Amazing doggo

From @sammythegolden247

15. He is MY hooman, Not you!!! Plus I don’t love you best

From @beaunosebones

16. Lovely or super lovely! How gentle is this fella

From @hinckleyparks

17. Hello, wake up, the sun is rising

From @fozzcook

18. Am I cute??

From @fozzcook

19. Let me in please hooman

From @fozzcook

20. Watch till the end

From @beaunosebones

21. Hello, anyone there?

From  @beaunosebones

22. Oh no

From @goldenbrudders

23. She’s a cutie though

From  @goldengirlpacha

24. Today isn’t Monday

From @chasin_chester

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