Adorable Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile

1. No breakfast so I go and find my own

From TT

2. I guess all of them love this pads!

From TT

3. Dad is carried me around

From TT

4. This boy is Chunky

From @badboyboots_

5. Puppies are the best lovers

From @stagegulchgoldens

6. I'm not jealous... Okay I'm jealous with this love

From @goldnenzo

7. Beach day, fun day

From @badboyboots_

8. So much to learn

From @luvman23

9. Puppy killed this trend

From @benson.thegoldenretriever1

10. Causing Chaos

From @lifeofsterlingnewton

11. The sweetest puppies

From  @canilgoldenfeet

12. I'm right here

From @goldnenzo

13. I love being carried

From @griffey_thegoodboy

14. So sweet

From @stagegulchgoldens

15. My puppy is pawfect

From @jimbopupperino

16. The tail wiggle

From @riverthegoldenfloof

17. All clean friend

From @colinthegolden

18. Maybe you don't need this hooman

From @sadie.and.tucker

19. I dont know what this thing is... but I like it

From mikenhannon TT

20. Hello

From  @arnoldthedoginator

21. Please stop it hooman

From @luvman23

22. Where we droppin', boys?

From @nicholberrygoldens

23. Best fwends for sure

From @stagegulchgoldens


From TT

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