25 Pics Golden Retrievers That Prove That They Are Angels Without Wings

I am not the type to prefer pure breeds over mixed breeds. I am a firm believer in the fact that all dogs are special and deserve to be loved. No dog is superior to the other just because they are a specific breed. However, every dog is unique and you can tell a lot about a dog’s personality according to its breed. This is why some people look for a specific breed while adopting an animal because they have an idea of what it would behave like. German Shepherds are said to be very smart, Golden Retrievers are affectionate, Chihuahuas are hyperactive etc.

However, Golden Retrievers are one of the most famous dog breeds in the USA. People prefer having a Golden Retriever as a pet because of their super affectionate and patient nature. This makes them the most amazing family pets. They are also said to be very intelligent, so it is very easy to train them. These little puppers deserve some attention, so we have compiled a list of Golden Retrievers that prove that they are the purest breed. Scroll down below and enjoy:

1. Me and my mates goldens park meetup

2. Waiting patiently for chicken… the only time he stays still

3. I definitely have a Golden…. This guy is either peeing on my floor or sleeping on top of a vent 24/7

4. My brave boy 01 year after a snake bite! Apart from half his face being paralyzed, he’s made a full recovery

5. Play wif me?

6. Someone stepped on a bee

7. Please… don’t ever leave the house

8. Love-hate relationship

9. Bosco is ready for the workday

10. Lenny as a pup

11. Princess with her heartbeat puppy for comfort

12. One of my favorite pics of these two weirdos

13. Franklin completed his 4 weeks of radiation for a nasal tumour! He’s the man

14. 8 weeks old Landshark Russ taking a break from eating everything in my house

15. Post-play at the beach smiles yesterday

16. What does she want?

17. What about second breakfast?

18. Cassie’s first day home

19. Maybe I shouldn’t have run the sprinklers on her first day of unsupervised mud room/doggie door access

20. I have Ollie, coffee, and a Lake Superior sunrise… life is good

21. Every now and then he lifts his paw and gives me a nudge

22. Tell me your Golden is special without telling me. I will go first

23. A bit of a weird pic, but I thought my boy looked good in the light

24. Look at this cutie in his dinosaur bandana

25. Dug in for the Summer

26. Everyone say hi to Remi my heart dog

27. He has a bed, but prefers the hard floor

28. Looked out the back door on a rainy day…

29. Met a new fren at the pet store

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