The Most Cutest Maltese Videos and Images

1. You are my sunshine, double the sun

From @lunaynoa_maltese

2. What's your favorite toy? Mine is this one

From @hing9u

3. Do you like hot baths?

From @the_doggie_days

4. A Mini-me


5. No more photos please, or I will charge for extra that

From @luv_som_goolm

6. What’s your name and what do they call you?

From @willi_the_maltese

7. Its Friyay every-pawdy

From @tori_the_poppet

8. Do you want to build a snowman?

From @the_doggie_days

9. Wednesday lets go, weekend coming soon

From @hero.themaltese

10. Always ready for an adventure

From @laila_maltese_girl

11. Stylish Maltese boy

From @kobe_kai0824

12. When you are naughty and cute at the same time

From @hing9u

13. Are you a fan of the beach? Beach day, tongue out day

From @mochifloof

14. Now this looks like a job for me

From @malia_the_maltese

15. Lets gooo mom, let's travel

From @luv_som_goolm

16. Where are you from? I am from the beautiful Spain

From @les_histoires_de_chuppy

17. Do you use cozy coats on winter?

From @willi_the_maltese

18. Mom just got me a new shirt, Am I beauty in this?

From @maltese_lola

19. Cuteness overload, she want to go out and have some fun


20. What's your favorite flower?

From @xanti_maltese

21. I wish you luck and prosperity in the year ahead

From @mochifloof

22. Sunny Sunday

From @laila_maltese_girl

23. So cute

From @maltese_tiffany

24. Best part of the day? Treats

From @latte.themaltesegirl

25. Cuddling time, can not leave without my best plushie toy

From @kiyomi_bori

26. The fluffiness is coming

From @mochifloof

27. Adorable, standing next the the big bowl of fruits

From @kingsley_thewhitecloud


29. Look at this distinguish gentleman

From @balu_themaltese

30. Have an amazing Sunday

From @tori_the_poppet

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