Lovely And Funny Doggo Videos Will Make Your Day

1. That’s not a path, that’s a treat trail. That tail never stopped wagging the whole way

From @primeministerchurchill

2. Her face when they pulled her up


3. No more privacy, That is one small dog! Dogs are liquid as well

From TT

4. That eye role, What’s it with Rottweilers always looking the other way and never at their human

From  @pandarosee

5. Didn’t even spill. My st.bernard did this

From via @paultheprophet TT

6. This dog rocks

From @onlyrosiefans TT

7. Ready when you are

From TT

8. He added his own flare to it. Of course it was a boxer. Goofiest dogs on the planet

From TT

9. I wanna be friends with frank

From @onefacefrank TT

10. He’s just along for the ride

From TT

11. Charlie says no thank you

From  @jingmao386 TT

12. Top 10 good boy moments

From @10lugthuggin TT

13. They always know who doesn’t want them

From @wilsonglaze_thedog TT

14. He’s hoping it’s just a phase

From @kkbuttsss TT

15. If “Well I didn’t do it” was a dog, too cute!

From @ruger.21 TT

16. The way I’d cry

From @beastie25 TT

17. Best friends for life, Oh, so sweet

From @ashlznicole1102 TT

18. Prepping for the work week. Oh my gosh. How precious is this?

From @hi.dlopez TT

19. He could take my girl and I’d understand

From @jennnnnnnnnnns

20. That’s not a path, that’s a treat trail

From @primeministerchurchill TT

21. Testing the durability

From @alexisdidthis

22. I’ll fight whoever said it’s weird

From @meganbdoyle1

23. The slow slide the the floor

From @vito_butera TT

24. Begging her not to tell mom

From @sheccidmejiaa

25. Hope he held onto the treat. Big dogs only

From TT

26. They really gassin him up. Happiest doggo I’ve ever seen! Whole body wags

From @krazzybus

27. One more for the road, Turkish street dog. We love dogs

From TT

28. the apology kisses, She’s like: “I’m just retrieving baby”

From @yungcarter

29. Rethinking her life decisions

From @mollie_shoe TT

30. Can’t forget the puppy tax

From @torque_butt

31. He look like a hand puppet

From @theblackmali

32. He’s a tough guy

From @geb_carla1

33. What religion is this? “I want to see the baby”

From via @hieronymiss)

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