Hilarious Photos Of Broken Dogs That Need To Be Reset To Default

Ever wonder what goes inside a dog’s head whenever they are doing something incredibly stupid like running in circles chasing their tails, or the wagging of their tails when they are put in the spotlight? Even when they have this unmatchable energy when they are shown any signs of treats or even before the word ‘treats’ is fully out of your mouth, they just completely lose it. And tbh, that is their own way of showing compassion (for food, obviously). What I love the most about them is the fact that they lighten up the room by just being in it with their weird antics always upon their sleeves or… paws. They have the ability to change your mood for the better and remind you that your presence is very dear to them and the way to show it is by acting broken and weird occasionally (and by occasionally I mean all the time).

I should probably say that a dog’s existence in our lives has made it a lot better because, despite their weirdness, they are our most loyal companions and best friends. They will hear out your problems without judging you, they might even hop or lick you when you least expect it, but that is how they prove that they are always here for you and that they are never leaving you alone. All they require in return is the same level of commitment from you. For me, that is the most beautiful friendship can ever form.

Here are a few funny examples of broken dogs!

1. This pug-husky mix is the most intense derp you will ever see

2. My dogs new bed is memory foam. He’s realized my fiancé’s pillow is made of the same thing so now he thinks he has a second bed

3. My dog learned how to use the doorbell

4. My giany derp Luna

5. Pickles likes tuna more than the raccoons apparently

6. I went to my friend’s house and met his new derp for the first time

7. Some doggos just can’t stay still

8. Don’t take me home yet, hooman

9. Last Friday Maddie ate a piece of my dad’s birthday cake. Today she ate a good portion of three habanero peppers and an entire small mystery hot pepper

10. Imagine waking up to these faces

11. Ozzy has had a hard time…

12. When you don’t like people coming to your place

13. They always find a way to get stuck where they aren’t supposed to be

14. Say cheese! or not hooman

15. This one just sucks at being a doggo

16. No. Just no! Hooman take this tornado

17. My dog ate my wallet, so I got a new wallet with a picture of my dog eating my wallet

18. My dog likes to get really really close to you… but not touch you


20. My dog doesn’t bite….he judges

21. I feel like my dog’s expressions are being under-utilized, Reddit? Does this dog have potential to bring joy? (He does to us! His name is Farley, and is a very good boy)

22. Dont know what to say about this one, I can never get a proper picture of her

23. Get a border Collie they said. Smartest dog breed they said

24. My dog is actually a boomer taking a Facebook profile pic, disguised as a dog

25. Embodying the energy of an old man with a cigar habit

26. This one is called Albert

27. Sid, weep

28. My dog seems strangely happy about this

29. This is NOT something I want to see in the mornings

30. "Hey, does your dog bites?” “Oh no, he throws bricks

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