Funny Doggo Video Will Make You Smile End Of February



1. Ok course...I couldn't resist

From @fridaygolden

2. Do you believe dogs are evolving?

From @alexiscaprimua

3. Do you get this excited when you see dogs?


4. Rate his acting

From yeedasu TT

5. Awww he is so cute and beautiful

From @katelynngelman

6. Well done, I joke you hooman


From  @sarahlightx

7. Now that's a keeper, you can say that whenever

From @fairytail_petcare @busybeesevents

8. Me too little pupper, me too.


9. Rate the cuteness 1-100

From weepotatodog 

10. Why does it feel like I'm watching animal kdrama

From @memes.2am

11. He's a pointer.. that's called pointing...


12. Gotta focus, just a normal day with a husky


13. Aint my consequences

From @emily_michale

14. Tag someone to make them laugh

From @gollymissmolly1764

15. Happy doggo

From @jessidosen

16. I’m sorry but that’s not ur boyfriend

From  @nesquik_thegolden

17. He most play football he knows how to tackle

From @therealtrashcancharlie

18. That was chewbacka


19. Some is trying to copy you


20. He said: "you too"

From theninjadoodle TT

21. The forbidden ball. I think she thinks it’s a ball falling down


22. Would you let him protect you


23. He an introvert, suffering sorry l had to


24. That is hands down the most polite dog I’ve ever seen

From @yamilezzz_

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