Dog Memes and Videos For Your Day

1. The dinosaur (totally not a doggo) that we stay on the beach with the dinosaur roughly forever

From TT

2. Gib the chimken you must

From @witchvl

3. A young Tucker discovers the forces of gravity when Maya rejects puppers youthful boop greetimg

From @tuckerbudzyn

4. Pupper prepares maximum borkdrive!

From TT

5. Instant regret, A slip and slide off the side of a mountain

From TT

6. Someone tell her, how adorable

From @sophdnni

7. Your sweet face and smile, how adorable

From @thebernerbunch

8. Hecc's Kitchen, coming to streaming soon, be prepare

From TT

9. Safe to say she likes it

From @indigoandpoppy_

10. Better dancer than i’ll ever be, how adorable

From  @daria_gav & @tofu_sausage

11. Every now and then a pupper meets one of us who is really willing to go the mile to provide pupmost highest quality

From TT

12. He doesn’t claim that negative energy

From @jlower12

13. Back to what’s really important, The doggie brings comfort

From @ziggysquadofficial

14. A necessary zoom but we were able to find pupper is still good boi

From TT

15. With his slipper ready, how adorable is this little fella, unconditional love

From @kateawilson @golden_retriever_millie

16. This looks like you walked in on a very serious intervention/family meeting

From @lyfeofeli

17. He looks like a tired father

From @llcoolshayne


From TT

19. He wasn’t convinced the first time

From  @the.georges.jungle TT

20. No hats in the house, I mean in his house

From  @lifeofsterlingnewton

21. Why yes waiter I will take the sauvignon chimken blanc de chimken nuggerino

From TT

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