Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #72



1. Safe to say Jaxx and Bella are very excited 😊 

From  @michelleejg

2. Just keeping it real…🙈

From @milliethecitydood

3. Just lookin’ for a nice smol snack 😋🦃

From @homer_the_newf

4. What a fun party trick🤣 Has your dog ever done this?

From @nala_the_needy_rottie

5. What could possible go wrong 😅

From @tikanni.kita.n.tehya.3.sibes

6. Two types of people with the Monday mooods 😆 Which one are you?☕️☀️

From @lizzie.bear ft @goldengirl.mags

7. He was not about to be left out of mom & dad’s first dance 🥹💕🙈

From Taylor Knudson TT

8. Yer a wizard 😍 But really, this is art of the highest form

From  @madmax_fluffyroad

9. Melting all the hearts 🥹

Often times, I don’t think resident dogs get enough credit for how much change they go through every time a new foster comes and goes. Our dogs are so patient and accommodating, and do such an amazing job of helping the fosters feel comfortable and oh so loved. We honestly wouldn’t be able to do what we do if they weren’t as amazing as they are!

They’re also smart enough to know when things feel different, and I think Lily knows Rainy is getting ready to head out for her next adventure 🖤

We’re definitely going to miss her, but we found her an amazing home, and saying “see you later” to one foster means we can get ready to welcome the next one 😉

From @dashboard_doggos

10. The limit does not exist 🐶

From @jackson_the_dalmatian

11. Greatest dog montage ever 😆Who else can relate?

From @laughwithbrett

12. Gus just had his first bath today and must have liked it because he kept going back for more

From @ellen_a_long

13. The very best tips from a bulldog!

From @eggnogthebulldog

14. Here for the effort 💤😴

From @robalmanwils

15. Some heckin’ good doggos right here

From @dogtherapypups and @be.right.bekk

16. It’s his bed now. We sleep on the floor 🐾

From @adavailus.art

17. It’s okay, we still think you’re super cool 😎

From @petitepokey

18. Looks innocent to us 😇

From @maddypuak

19. Too cute to spook 👻🍂

From @nolatheiggy

20. Pure joy 🥹He is having a Hopping good time!

From mskaylarushing 

21. It’s the little bork for us 🥺

From @jessicaazuber

22. Got that walk on lock 🤪

From @oliandwilby

23. Classic case of hind legs malfunctioning 🫠 Does this ever happen to your dogs?

From @goldenpup.mika

24. The definition of “unbothered” 😆

From issalambert 

25. Cirque du Squirrelay

From @pointerpawprints

26. Is just a little ✨special✨ 

From @finn.thegoodboi

27. What a smile 😁 Happy Monday, all!

From @greythedalmatian_

28. Just your neighborhood husky screaming through the streets 😂🐺

From @poseidonandkratos

29. Nice try neighbors but him is a pawfessional escape artist

From @jakeandthecity

30. A golden and his dearly beloved lamb chop

Shoutout to Grandma for doing the dirty work and giving lamby a wash 🧼

From @budman_thegolden

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