Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #29




1. Sitting pretty waiting for treats! (Also for my treat from my Advent calendar) 😉😋🍪

From @avery_a_very_yellow_lab

2. Miss Dolly, now Sunday, is off to live her best life in Colorado! She really is a little ray of sunshine ☀️ love you sweet girl!

From @bartonlabradors

3. Oh Garth, now Maverick, we are going to miss you!! You are going to have the best life in Boston! We can’t wait to watch you grow! 💛💛

From @bartonlabradors

4. It sure feels cold now! But mum says, don't eat yellow snow!? ❄️🥶

From @bongothelabrador

5. Oliver doesn’t rush love. Especially when his brother comes over.

From @brodifur

6. Truth be told, though, Dad does most of the work.

From @brodifur

7. 🥰 Truth! Who else is better at bringing smiles, silliness, snuggles, and love than us pups?

From @its_me.archer

8. Happy and clean 🧼

From @little_coop_the_lab

9. Getting ready for da lunch with da ladies 😉

From @mac_woofs

10. It’s only Monday and I am already sleepy 😴

From @mac_woofs

11. Before I leave town on a work trip, simple question 🎅🎄❄️😂

From @mattis_themightylab

12. It was 12 items or less trip to see how she would do. ✅.😇

From @mattis_themightylab

13. Liberty 1 mom 0 🛶(an the water’s a bit chilly)💦

From @mattis_themightylab

14. Supposed to be on neighborhood watch but I’m too darn tired 🥱🥺💤

From @oliverschronicles

15. Da forehead wrinkle, gets dem every time

From @posies_pocketful_of_praise

16. “Welll, let me just do this big stretch first, okay??” 🤔🐾❤️

From @sophie_theyellowlab

17. he is a swagger

From @star_thelabrador

18. Enjoying view😍❤️

From @superstarsimba

19. Mom, can I have some treats, pleaes?

From @superstarsimba

20. Mum said I am not adopted 🥰❤️

From @superstarsimba

21. Play with me mom!

From @superstarsimba

22. Gotta get it all😋

From @the_lab_sadie

23. This is true 😆

From @the_lab_sadie

24. Land sharks…..

From @tiberiusalabrador

25. When mom works too much, I steal her pillow and make her chase me 😏

From @yellowlab_nala

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