Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #17



1. “I can’t believe my eyes, it’s really you 😭" The synchronized approaching 

From cuncon20x20x

2. 100% lab right there

From @diggidydogcarmel

3. And he’ll do it again

From  @erin.killeen

4. and he’s confident enough not to flinch

From @icreatenovelty

5. Bro looks wise

From tyler_exon

6. Checked every corner in case someone took it

From dgoxhody TT

7. Dog: What? How’d you get a treat?

From yountthelab 

8. Dream come true

From njalakomboya

9. Even the dog looked surprised

From awoo12

10. Failed: Successfully

From @cocojoves

11. Him a good boy

From clydetheclone 

12. That face what a cutie 

the original is so cute, the owner basically reassures the dog that he still loves him and that it was okay and he wasn’t in trouble. had me in tears

From southernsam4

13. He said: “I am speed”

From @backyardbonesny

14. He smiled. Oh, you touch my talala.


15. Her brain stopped working


16. his chomp chomps

From @j.cookk

17. Time to playyy. Hey miss.. can he come out to play today? Lol, so cute!


18. It’s the simple things that make a house feel like a home

Tyden Connolly was working at the job site when the family dropped by with their dogs and captured this heart warming moment. Warning: Wet concrete can harm your dogs paws. Please do research if you want to do this. The owners did and used vaseline on the dogs paws before allowing them to walk on the wet concrete. You can see the vaseline tubs at the beginning of the sidewalk. No paws were harmed here

From itstosty

19. Of course he did the plantation


20. Omg this is so precious


21. She’s like “I know”

From @tess.the.black.lab

22. she’s living her best life

From @brandon_d21

23. It's not about personal space, it's about domination

From TT

24. The big smile. He said 😁

From @courtneybaileyyy

25. The eyes are everything


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