Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #16



1. Dog really does make everything in life better. He really is the BEST

No one ever wants to be in the hospital, but unfortunately his dad developed a heart condition that kept him in the hospital for several days for tests and observations.

Magnus always finds a way to comfort everyone and help them stay calm and relaxed. He even made the doctors and nurses smile. The reason Magnus was allowed to stay with his dad is because he is also his tasked trained service dog. He is so grateful to be Magnus’ dad and have him in his life. He really is the BEST


2. Hello, how can I help you?

From @wafflekathuria

3. Bro put himself in timeout. if I can’t see him he cannot see meeee

From @flymetothebone

4. good boys are always welcomed

From @seannicholson321

5. He is not amused. Good trick! You have to try this

From @paytonalanna

6. He is so sweet

From @youcatchingfeelings

7. He was NOT messing around


8. I needed a hug, and some treats momm


9. Aww, which one is your fav?

From @sammythegolden247

10. Little call of the wild

From @birogshunting_gundogs

11. Little pup got humbled

From getityitsgood 

12. My heart, They deserve everything

From @mikaylacm

13. Now his name is Clark , he has a warm house to live in and a happy loving family

From @clark.can.bark

14. One more time


15. she’s so adorable

From @scoutthelabahoula

16. the goodest boys

From @vanesarojasss, song by @publictheband

17. The happy tail wag when he finally lays down in the puddle


18. the pre walkies excitement is relatable

From @carlafarren1

19. This bond! We love you lil fella

From @magnusthetherapydog

20. This feels like a vivid dream


21. This is Jasper. He’s not sure why this dog is giving him so much attitude

Got all pup in his face. 14/10 for Jasper but only 12/10 for the other guy

From @2southernsausages

22. this is so cute

From @nikkideeznutzz

23. He LOVES his Brontosaurus so much! And what a great mom he has for sewing him up when needed!

From meganinmalmo

24. Why is he/she giving five nights at Freddy’s vibes

From benhersch 

25. Yellow pup snuck in the bunch

From chasidy.vanderhoof

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