Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #13



1. He has 6 beds in his house and this is where he decides to sit.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love this dog

From @magnusthetherapydog

2. Adorable puppy eyes

From @agirlandthreedog

3. He looked like he laughed too


4. He straight went for the food


5. Her excitement to see her friends is adorable


6. I love everything about this. That kid has a best friend for life.

From jaids_marie 

7. Life is good for this pup, All dogs should be loved and cherished

From @dq_alanson

8. Let's go to the beach with me friend

From @sammythegolden247

9. Maybe other dogs are just doing it wrong

From macyyyann 

10. New friend. He must be really happy

From cvitlin.z ⁠TT

11. Not a pet, he’s part of the family

From kobythechocolateboy 

12. Luckily she caught it, dude would’ve been hurt if he ate it

From mikstuart 

13. POV: You *finally* itch the spot in your ear that’s been bugging you - Penny

From @new.t.oast

14. She activated the zoomies

From @maiseygoescrazy

15. So Cute 

From @romanysaskia

16. So Excited for them to meet

From  @dwllrs

17. Such a good boy


18. Such a smart pup


19. Super cute, Bro have find a technique to kiss her


20. Thats not a high five

From @shraddhss

21. I will take them all! This is the heaven for me

From chaosandkarben 

22. Lab knows the game

From itsthewinemixer 

23. We ain’t doing this today


24. My dog was also shocked when I told him he’s adopted. I’m not sure my rabbit will be able to handle the news…

From bobthelab 

25. So happy

From kristikra RD

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