Cutest Dog Videos and Pictures

1. Sunday selfie day

From @theolliepawpdate

2. Can you do me a boop pweasee

From @wieselblitz

3. You bork, I bork, we bork bork

From @mamechiyo728

4. If we fits we sits

From @junglebook_retrievers

5. When you don’t wanna leave the park

From @tsumuji_kun

6. Everypawdy meet my new best fren!

From @thebernerbunch

7. Am a good bo- NO TAKE hooman

From @ganchi_with_kotetsu

8. The only door that matters

From @unimpressedhusky

9. Only I can borkkk, do not touch this boy

From @lifewithkleekai

10. Grandpawrents will always love their “grandkids” than you

From @honeydewthedachshund

11. When hooman tells you to “sit”

From @sir_rigatonibolognese

12. Bork bork, “Squirrels”

From @draw_tism

13. Put your panda face on

From @yomo.yomo.1227

14. Purebred or inbred? Still adorable tho

From @nuggetkoh

15. The fluffy squad

From @arang2o_o

16. He protecc, he attacc, ocean scare out crap

From @golden_chappy

17. You have been ~*blessed*~ with a very rare double poop!

From @onetailatatime

18. Don't worry hooman we got the mail for you

From @sydg32

19. Don’t worry mama we will pawtect you

From @iustas_ovcharka

20. Instant tail wag when he smells the puppy

From @hollydoran_

21. Same same, this is how copy and paste work

From @pocky_shiba

22. My the most beautiful sunshine

From @gourmandlabreport

23. Just try to never grow up

From @goldenretriever_samson

24. I licke basebol games hooman

From @gary_and_gizmo

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Toni Stanley

I have loved every dog (and cat) I’ve ever seen and I’m 73 so I’ve seen millions!!!!
Wish I could say the same for hoomans!

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