Cute Doggos Videos And Moments Will Made Your Day

1. Banana for scale

From @ellietheminiween

2. Do you want to see a blep?

From @ourdogaug

3. Busy day busy life

From  @ladyandtheblues

4. Do you love my fluffy peach? Sending my heart for you hooman

From @chun_ch28

5. Is this what heaven looks like?

From @threecorgis

6. If you've never seen a land seal, here's one

From @arthurandmolly_sausage

7. Can you pwease dwop a wittle for me?

From @bbos0ng_

8. Your favorite airplane ears

From @uta.koto.n

9. Starborks might be my new favorite place

From @louiethecream

10. Did ya just say treat right mom?

From @uta.koto.n

11. Am not going without a boop

From @mameshiba_haku

12. Who leaf this floof here?

From @hazelnut_dog

13. Keep’em comin hooman

From @sonny.thesausage

14. Just can not wait till we can go out and enjoy the walking

From @uta.koto.n

15. Sneaky sneaky, just borrow dis hooman

From @itsyaboy_winston

16. When hooman says you can’t eat the table crumbs

From @nevillethefluffbottom

17. The truth is that we started carrying Maxine because the subway in NYC required dogs to be in bags. But now we do it because running into all of you is the best part of our day

From @madmax_fluffyroad

18. I smell chimken from ya hand mom! Yum

From @uta.koto.n

19. Eyes on the prize, yum

From @koari518

20. So much tiny and smol

From @hazelnut_dog

21. You are my favorite napping spot hooman

From @siba_s_novosiba

22. Beautiful eyes from this Shiba Inu

From @uta.koto.n

23. My space = their space

From @heybuddycomics

24. Would you like some bread? I bring you some hooman

From @sakura._hana._mei._

25. B U B B L E

From @alex_carstens_paws

26. Chilling like a boss

From @lit.the.bae

27. When you take a pawfect selfie X

From @arang2o_o

28. Refreshing in a beautiful day like this in Switzerland, beautiful White Shepherd pup

From @rastawhiteshepherd @michelphotographych

29. Oh henlo there beautiful hooman

From @donutchicagocorgi

30. Who is da boi I see staring straight bacc at me?

From @bongopanlux

31. Let me out pwease mom!

the crate was only for training her to use the litter pads after having meals. As Jumbo’s smart and formed the habit very fast. We stopped using it after a short while. I understand why some people are very concerned, but don’t worry we’re trying our best to take care of Jumbo

From @jumbothegolden

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