Cute Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile

1. Boop Or Kiss, your choice friend

From @rufus_theminiweenie

2. How adorable are we?

From @mini_millyandmaggie_sausage

3. Mother care, you don't wanna smell that my lil baby

From @minnieandmabelsadventures

4. Wanna share some treats friend?

From @peanutthemini_dach

5. Noo, just 5 more minutes mom

From TT

6. Hi there cute lil baby

From @olivethesausage_

7. Not even two weeks old and already fashionable.... he’s perched on a knee... no dachshund was harmed

From @dorisdavies_thedachshund

8. the way he keeps paddling outside of the water. Ooo so cute

From @its.delilah.and.ernie

9. I wanna show up my cute teeth

From @bun_thesausagedog

10. Snuggle Buddy

From @sonny.thesausage

11. How cute are tho eyes

From @zorroandnapoleon

12. brilliant, must be a dachshund thing

From  @captainweenie

13. Wag my tail, and mom will gimme treat soon!

From TT

14. So adorable!! I wish I could have another Doxie

From @rollyteacuppuppies

15. Too sassy for puppy training

From @minipepperbrown

16. I scared Mumma and daddy when I did this but I was just dreaming about being in a race car

From @franklinthedappleddoxie

17. henlo how r u today?

From @rufus_theminiweenie

18. It's nap time

From @mymini.nelly

19. Very important

From TT

20. Those ears tho

From @lucy.thedoxie

21. They are home, let's wiggle for treats!

From @apollo_mini_dachshund

22. Cute pupper first time running in the beach

From @threesnagrolls

23. Dog drum, So cute

From @h.yezin___

24. Ahoy there, we are ready for summer. My heart can't handle this level of cuteness

From @mylesandwillows

25. Ahoj adventure, but first, let take a nap

From @dinonotdeano

26. Full house of long dogs, is this is heaven?

From @longlongranch

27. A little sausage awooo

From @sidney_minisausage

28. Little sausage

From @maiselthedappledoxie

29. My baby dog

From @the_daxie_trouble

30. Leave us be Mum we don’t like Mondays

From @shermanthesausage

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