Adorable Doggo Videos Will Make Your Day

1. Will pay extra for shipping for this delivery driver to show up

From @sammisherf

2. What a great pawformance⁣

From @marleyinnyc

3. Just casually chilling⁣

From @darcy_boris_lily

4. Brushy brushy with a plushie⁣

From @bks36

5. That baby would of been coming home 1000%

From @its_sharl_

6. So cute so chonkey

From @alettojewela

7. Sometimes you just want to be the only child again⁣

From @sake_thecorgi

8. Wiggle wiggle wiggle⁣ the tiny little tail

From @currydecorgi

9. Trust fall, how cute

From @msbaileys.and.emma

10. Do you prefer scruffy or fluffy?⁣

From @teacup_of_rose

11. Are we there yet?⁣

From @tapperthedoxieandhisbrother

12. An impawsible barrier. How will this little fella get to the other side?! We may never know…⁣

From @hayden.fake.dalmatian

13. Excuse me Dad, I’m on snooze pawtrol” Sleepy boo doin’ his snooze duty is a whole mood

From @pupscruffs

14. He just likes sticking his nose in them. Can’t blame him for wanting a sniff of the good stuff

From @reeseandarchie

15. You bork, I bork, we bork bork⁣

From @mamechiyo728

16. Lincoln likes a little mid-day snack, and who can blame him. Good boy’s gotta eat

From @LincolnMonster (TT)

17. Dory vibes, how happy is this little fella

From @_adventuresofmaddie

18. Best friends forever

From @morganbarbierii

19. Poor mumma

From @threelittlefloofs

20. When your legs don’t work like they used to before⁣

From @tsumuji_kun

21. A serious case of FOMO starring⁣

From @the_adventures_of_avery

22. When you realize it’s already Monday

From @not_the_royal_archie

23. Such a clever boy

From @pitbull_cocker_

24. Too adorable

From @chopp_corgi

25. Ahhh yes, gotta love the classic “wind-so-strong-make-my-eyes-pop-outta-my-head” feeling

From @laithkayyal

26. Dis my bed now⁣ hooman

From @manson.charlesmarylin.thehusky

27. Monday meetings, reminding us to dress for the job we want, not the job we have

From @beckley_n_oscar

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