Adorable Doggo Videos For Your Last Day Of January Better

1. What does she have to say?

From @daisythegoldiee

2. Intense eye contact, friend spotted

From TT

3. Chonkie Boi, too cute

From @bellieofthebeast

4. Perfectly cut video

From @ljl_kev TT

5. That look on his face

From  @brunotheenglisshbulldog

6. This is too cute

From @samanthas.Ramos

7. Their lil helmets

From @two_chihuahuas89

8. Wasn’t expecting that, He knows the but scratches sign

From @coach_salazer

9. What is he dreaming

From @leslieadams

10. He was human in his past life, He legit understandsss

From @brookebrazer

11. This is what I was talking about. "You ain't believe me when i told you about it, here you go"

From @llcoolshayne

12. This had me dead, I love this energy

From @puparaazzi

13. They did get the dog of the dogs dog a dog

From @labradorretrieverfever

14. He looks so at peace, Super cute, best brother for life

From @devinolsen & @mrbentley_thedog

15. Caught in 4K. You'll never catch meee hooman

From TT

16. He had one goal. He knew his cuteness would be a sufficient distraction

From TT

17. This is perfect and so true, which one is your fav?

From  @brooke.foland

18. Cutest video of the day for sure

From @winnietotherescue

19. How did he start the ball

From @saraonderwater - TT

20. What was that face

From @jaxreyesss - TT

21. He understood the assignment

From TT

22. Every single time

From @dexterthebalancingdog

23. I can confirm, it works, must try with your dogs

From @herathebluestaffy TT

24. That’s the most adorable bite ever

From @ohteen

25. Dog.exe stopped working

From @sakeofsanity

26. Found them

From @thatbeerdood_barley

27. Gives intruder a warm welcome for sure

From @wafflekathuria

28. So dramatic

From @grummlinds

29. Had us at the first half

From @leahjguerra

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