Adorable Dog Couldn’t Be Any Happier With His Own Surprise Party

Meet Odin, a cute little dog who just went through one of the happiest days in his entire life – his very own birthday. Maybe it wasn’t the first birthday of Odin, but it surely was the most memorable one so far, as his owners threw a fancy party just-for-him.



Joyce Cetina adopted Odin three years ago, and he had been living cheerfully with Joyce and her family in Mexico since then.

However, there was still something missing. Uhm, some special events, maybe?

This year, the Cetinas decided to do something huge for the little boy they all loved, and the idea of a surprise party came up naturally. The whole family embarked on decorating together, and they even ordered a sweet puppy birthday cake with his name on it that impressed him a lot.

According to the family, Odin was, of course, surprise. He was truly touched to learn that they cared about him that much.

Odin enjoyed the happy birthday song that people sang for him, but he just couldn’t wait to try that splendid cake!

Like other birthday boys, Odin also received some gifts that the partygoers prepared for him. Odin liked them all, but what he liked the most were all the kisses and hugs people gave him indeed.

Anyone can see how happy and proud our little Odin was. Seriously, he deserved it.

Actually, the “birthday” of Odin they celebrated recently was the anniversary of the day Joyce adopted him. Maybe it was not his real birthday, but who cares? The point is, Odin has had his own big day to be in the spotlight, and his family is willing to share it with him in such a meaningful way.

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