Adorable Cute Doggo Videos

1. Clearly she’s repulsed

From @bellbrown1

2. Love an upside dog

From @theexplorersmap

3. The double take

From @artemis.the.corg

4. New dream job. Love the way he talks to this sweet dog

From @upsanimals

5. My dog sent me this

From @piddleandpoo

6. Petition for Luna to be allowed

From @matholicious

7. I love it but.. KOBE

From @howieandclifford

8. She had somewhere else to be

From @tinathechi

9. It’s his boba

From @noodletheminisausage

10. He’s trying his best

From @lily_boris_darcy

11. Here yee here yee. I love this dog

From @the_belle_doxies

12. He answered in opera

From @mc_rory

13. The turn radius

From @masonbarnabyfrenchie

14. Feel the rain on your skin. How cute

From @noodletheminisausage

15. Best friends for life

From @hellojessmarie

16. He doged it

From @yeedasu

17. The dog already knew lol

From @buenas.nochezzz

18. uno reverse card. At least she/he asked

From @shainapate

19. we need more cats too?

From TT

20. Am I the drama?

From  @thisisnedschneebly

21. He needs an Oscar & treat

From TT

22. He said take her back

From @autumnbungum

23. Get it Bailey, This is incredible

From @dylanander5on

24. So close yet so far

From @alexis_simons_

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