Adorable and Funny Doggos Moments

1. Thank you for your service


2. You’re making me go outside??? In these conditions?

From dyllyp TW

3. You hath summoned me, human?


4. She’s such a talented dancer. Give her, her treats now...she's earned them

From @lisamtxs

5. You were supposed to keep that on the DL

From @itsyaboy_winston

6. Like father, like daughter

From @agoldennamedkevin

7. Cutest bug I’ve ever seen, That’s a cuddlebug

From tabs.moves TT

8. No thoughts, head empty

From @ryan_schain_photography

9. She’s still here out of pure spite

From shirley_thatsall TT

10. Now bring it back over hare

From @sinclairrabbitry

11. Cutest darn Scooby I’ve ever seen

From @littleblueblee

12. Truly the best boy

From ambermilton01 TT

13. I personally think they look super ferocious

From @andyleeman

14. A house I can also eat? I’m never leaving

From @garytheyorkiesnail

15. He’s also wondering, So he can cuddle you the hardest

From @elijahdealtonaga

16. He harrumphed

From @scoobythefoxredlabrador

17. No literally

From @flossybaby

18. She really could not care less

From mylilfloofy TT

19. Wait for it!, It’s the one paw up for me

From @alexmwatkins

20. He just like me fr


21. You better give him a big hug after this

From @ourgoldenalfie

22. Need someone who will be this happy to see me when I come back home

From @tobey.shenobi

23. Where have you been hooman

From lovinpet_us06 TT

24. Why does it look like that

From @olive.and.pups

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