40 Pics Of Adorable Puppies That Prove They Are Born Angels

However, puppies just bring that to the next level. Now, I am not saying older doggos are not great but you have to admit there is something satisfying about watching your companion grow alongside you and having enough time with them. So there is no surprise that people prefer to adopt puppies over anything else at the shelter. And we also love to watch videos or anything related to puppies.

That is why we have brought you pictures of some of the most adorable puppies ever, just for you to enjoy. From huskies with blue eyes to Alaskan malamute, you will get to see many breeds here and each and every one has its own unique beauty. So rather than hearing me babble on, scroll below to take a look. A little warning beforehand if you have heart problems, as we take no responsibility if you go unconscious due to cuteness overload. Now, since that is out of the way, let’s get on with the good stuff. 

1. Lana is already so big at only 9 weeks old.

2. He is a majestic little boy and he wants to play ball

3. If Evie tries hard enough, she can fly with her years

4. Meet Emmylou, a gorgeous German Shepherd

5. This is Gin sitting on a comfortable donut pillow.

6. This puppers always loves to sleep so this is a surprise

7. The bed is going to get small for him very soon

8. The white labrador has grown up so fast while the husky has remained dhte same size

9. He looks so happy

10. This is Ruby and yes, she is an actual dog, how fluffy

11. Kirby is quite hungry for treats

12. PJ is excited to go on a car ride

13. Milo has a better room than me

14. This one looks a little sad but cute nonetheless

15. I don’t think my heart can handle this much adorableness

16. Margot trusts her hooman very much

17. Some doggos just like to be held

18. She was actually born on Christmas so she is a miracle in my eyes

19. Are sure that this is a real dog? Because he is just too great

20. Scott and Atticus are hungry for treats

21. When you get out of the bath looking fresh

22. This chonky little boy is an Alaskan Malamute

23. Luna has the prettiest eyes ever

24. Pablo wants more belly rubs

25. Ut may not look like it but Penny is in a Halloween costume

26. Did you think we were going to omit Frankie? No way

27. He is need of a good brush

28. This is his favorite toy

29. Just look at those big eyes

30. He is a handsome little boy

31. How are those slippers not chewed yet?

32. Sulley gets a chair just for himself

33.  I want to squish Makoa’s cheaks so bad

34. He is tired from playing all day and needs to rest

35. The only thing bad about having a puppy is that they grow up so fast

36. I really want to see the snow

37. Evie sure likes sticking out her tongue

38. 6 months already living the life of luxury

39. This is my blanket

40. Even the mirror can’t handle the cuteness

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