30 Wholesome Photos Of Dogs Which Show They Love Their Humans More Than Anything

You guys are very aware that staying on one page, for anyone, sometimes can get really hard. One reason being an unavoidable language barrier. But it seems like our good boys, the beautiful, the infamous, the cuddly, the adorable, and the very lovely doggos have figured a way out. I hope I have not been living under a rock but I am pretty sure that dogs cannot speak human. And neither can humans speak the doggo language. Yet the connection we see between a dog and its owner seems so seamless and perfect. How do you guys think is that possible? Well, the answer is very simple. Emotions. If there is anyone who can understand emotions better than anyone else in the whole wide world, it’s dogs.

Dogs understand and realize all the love and effort their owners put in, and they don’t just like to receive. That undivided attention, undying love, and never-ending affection get repaid back time to time. And I believe that’s the best part about this relationship between dogs and humans. Best animal on the planet for a reason, right?

Today we’ve got 30 dogs just showing pure love to their owners. And no, they did not gift their owners any fancy cars or a really nice watch, it’s just snuggles, cuddles, and hugs. And that’s the biggest gift one could give to another.

Scroll down below for some wholesome and heartwarming moments between our cute doggos and their owners.

1. No space is uncomfortable when you are with your favorite

2. Here are Cassidy and Elsa after an episode of “Snuggling under the hoodie”

3. Dad getting that pep talk from the doggo

4. Mwah! Thanks for everything, Daddy

5. Listen up! I know we are looking cute, but she is my Momma so I’m gonna need you to back off a little

6. When Mommy finally comes home from a long shift at work

7. The most adorable picture I have ever seen

8. When Mommy interrupts during the best scene of Peppa Pig

9. A satisfied dog in the arms of its owner

10. Mommy, you are so tiny. But you’re my Mommy so it’s okay

11. Dog: “I need a kiss.” Dad: “Here you go, good boy.” Dog: “Another one!”

12. Sorry for breaking your favorite lamp, Dad

13. I know we can’t hear it but those eyes are screaming “I love you”

14. Pop, touch ya nose dad

15. Just like Jack and Rose, how adorable are they

16. You’re the best, Mommy

17. This dog fully believes that its owner’s daughter is its baby. Just look at them sleeping together. So adorable

18. Mommy, nothing serious but can we stop at that Chick-Fil-A coming right up? I’ll give you 7 licks in return

19. 8 months ago our son got a support dog. Our son was mostly wheelchair dependent. We hoped his dog will help him grow stronger. I think we can conclude that together they succeeded

20. Happy napping with with its happy person

21. Don’t need to say anything, those eyes told us the whole story

22. When you are on a mission to grab snacks from the fridge but Mommy catches you and you try to play it off

23. Two best buddies enjoying the views together

24. Always up for a selfie with Dad

25. And I never thought that 17 years later, my best friend would live to meet my first child

26. My son has a need for physical contact at all times. Barb [the dog] came into our lives and elected herself to the position of weighted blanket & bodyguard

27. A lip licky for the favorite

28. A family that swims together, stays together

29. Those eyes mean nothing but love. You are lucky, human

30. Just a little boy and his best mate playing hide-and-seek

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