23 Reasons To Not Adopt a Bull Terrier (Spoiler Alert: They Need Too Many Cuddles)

For decades people have continuously enforced these meaningless stereotypes on different breeds of dogs that affect how other people perceive and treat them. But in many cases these stereotypes are so far from reality that it feels kind of ridiculous to see people actually believe them.

One of these stereotypes is that Bull Terriers (because of what their appearance suggests) are dangerous and mean little creatures that show no mercy. What’s funny is that this statement could not have possibly been more wrong. These precious little dogs, like all dogs, have their own special traits that make them very admirable and unique.

We believe that people should rethink their false opinions about Bull Terriers and start to see these little angels for what they truly are. For that purpose we’ve collected proof that illustrates the true nature of a Bull Terrier and hopefully will make you understand just how adorable these dogs can be.

1. Sometimes Terriers don’t like to cuddle

2. They look so adorable. Aren’t they?

3. They don’t mind sharing their place with others

4. They always get into this very “threatening” pose.

5. They can take a nap anywhere anytime no matter what

6. Some of them also love to be around plants

7. They love taking naps and human company

8. They’re so well disciplined and obedient

9. They love to smile and get excited and happy so easily

10. They love to play around so much

11. Look at that very scary tongue

12. They settle into your house’s atmosphere as if they’ve lived there for longer than you have

13. They can be terribly impatient but that’s okay who likes to be late to things anyway

14. They are filled with so much energy

15. They love to play around even when it’s cold outside

16. They make you go “Aww” like other fluffy babies

17. They get along so well with other dogs

18. They have such big contagious smiles

19. They love to cuddle and it’s impossible not to have your heart melted when you see them being as cuddly as they love to be

20. They really know how to get themselves their cuddles

21. Their muzzles are as threatening as sunflowers

22. It should be illegal to not pet a dog when they look like this

23. They’re very big fans of getting their beauty sleep before going back to making everyone’s lives better again

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