21 Dogs Who Require A Nice Warm Hug To Brighten Up Their Dim Day

Ever heard someone say ‘I really wish this day ended right now? I am pretty sure you have. And I can bet on the fact that you yourself have used this statement many times in your life. The obvious reason being that your day is not going as you wanted it to go. Sadness along with boredom makes the day dim and it gets really hard to survive through. It’s pretty much the same for animals as well. Given the fact that they have a brain and a heart just like us humans, they feel the exact same emotions too. As today’s focus is going to be on dogs, let’s take dogs for an example here.

As we all know dogs are one of if not the most adopted pets in the whole world. People absolutely love them and dogs really love that undying affection and attention. Trust me, if you spend that extra hour to develop that special connection with your dog, that dog is going to make sure it gives you the best life experience ever. Companionship is the term I would use for this relationship. An inseparable bond that keeps both the owner and the dog extremely happy and joyous for as long as they are together. But, given all that energy, excitement, and mental strength they come in with, dogs do have their days. It’s very natural for a dog to be sad, there is nothing alarming there. There could be thousands of reasons for it. Perhaps you adopted another pet and now it’s jealous. It could be the fact that you didn’t give the treats on time, didn’t take it out for a walk, didn’t play with it when it wanted to play with you. As I said, could be thousands of reasons. If I was to use one word to sum all this up, I would use ‘attachment’.

Dogs are known for their loyalty. They are extremely loyal to their owners and when they get super attached to them, situations like separation or their owner’s death could take a real toll on dogs.

So what’s the solution? Nobody can see a sad dog, it breaks my heart and I am sure it breaks your heart too. They deserve to be their happy, excited, joyous selves. The answer is simple. Show your sad dogs undying love and unconditional affection. And it doesn’t cost much. Even a single treat or one game of fetch is enough to make their dim days brighter.

Time to look at your unhappy good boys. Scroll down below and show some love and affection to these dogs.

1. When there’s no one else there to play fetch with you

2. Daddy didn’t get him chicken nuggets

3. When you haven’t received a single pet since you’ve woken up

4. When you’re trying your best to hold your tears in

5. We all have one of those days when you just want to lay flat on the floor and do nothing

6. Looks like this doggo is reflecting on some sad memories from the past

7. It is very important to let them know that it is normal to be sad sometimes

8. When they stop giving you bonus treats for being a good boy

9. Oh boy! I can fully feel what the dog is feeling right now

10. When you’re telling Mom about your bad day and tears start forming in your eyes

11. When you spot all the dogs playing and realize they never invited you

12. He tried his best to fit through the baby door but failed. Which is why he is sad

13. He’s sad because the last round of fetch just finished

14. Poor Ramen has been trying to kiss turtles but hasn’t had any success yet

15. When you’ve been eyeing at the food so mommy gets the sign that you want the food, but no one comes to cater

16. My dog bumped into me while I was carrying my cereal bowl and now he’s sad…” Aww

17. She accidentally stepped on a wasp and is now extremely guilty of murder

18. Doggo pulls on the leash that made his dad drop his morning coffee. Sadness ensued

19. When you’ve not been getting the daily 700 hugs that you were promised

20. Just one of those days when nothing is working so you decide to just bail our of everything and sleep

21. But I showered yesterday, Mom

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