20 Hysterical Pets Who Have No Idea How Comical They Are

Pets come in all forms; happy, sad, angry and comical. Humans love pets and seeing them doing silly things lift our mood. Pets are innocent and sometimes they have no idea how cute or how comical they are looking. Their facial expressions would simply make us laugh. Whether they regret sitting on the chair or proudly lay in the bathroom sink, they would never accept their mistakes. Today, we have 20 hilarious photos of beautiful pets that had no idea how comical they were looking but their humans took their photos and shared them on the internet that has us laughing. Scroll down to catch on to the overloaded cuteness.

1. Total eclipse of the cat

2. The whole house and this dog sleeps nose-first into a pupper-poop

3. We all know their obsession with Christmas trees

4. Our cat is very confused with our new picture

5. Cat with his goldfish buddy

6. Go, use the other bathroom. It’s mine

7. When you don’t listen to him so he has his own way of taking petty revenge

8. Drinking milk or water?

9. When you look in the mirror and your beauty surprises you

10. She wanted some water. Why not from the kitchen sink?

11. Lily doesn’t like me taking pictures of her bunny butt, but it’s too cute

12. Your fortune teller

13. Wearing slippers because she does not want her feet to get wet

14. His fav thing to chew is my pants

15. When you are regretting your decision

16. Derpy otters of Singapore

17. Can we please play?

18. 225-year-old cat and kitten prints on my fireplace hearth

19. When you get caught while playing with the toys

20. Not the most flattering angle of a blue-footed booby

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