20 Dogs With Unusual But Majestic Fur Markings

Dog lovers spare no dogs when it comes to adoring dogs. We love all dogs equally, but certain dogs catch our attention more than others. Many dogs are very unique in their appearance. They have rare patterns on their body and have unique colors and markings. Their rarity makes them memorable and hard to forget.

There are different reasons why dogs have unique and odd patterns. Some patterns appear because of genetic variations and unusual cross-breeding. Some dogs have a unique coat because of health conditions as well, such as vitiligo or somatic mutation. The somatic mutation causes spots on a dog’s fur and vitiligo causes depigmentation. There is another thing called piebald mutation which causes coloration on a dog’s coat.

We have collected a lot of pictures of dogs that have unique coat patterns. Keep scrolling to see some really cute dogs! Some even have hearts on their bodies.

1. He wears his heart on his chest

2. Perfectly placed heart

3. The black rings are making the blue of his eyes pop bright

4. The white section separates the left and right sides of the brain

5. Cookie and ice-cream

6. He got a big heart. Literally

7. There is too much going on on his fur

8. Someone spilled coffee on him

9. As if he was not already cute…the heart added to the cuteness

10. I would call him oreo

11. Those brown rings around his eyes make him look slightly like a panda

12. Another dog with a heart on his body…

13. Black and white, with a pop of brown color

14. His ears are making a heart

15. It looks like Zebra’s pattern was zoomed in and pasted on a dog

16. All shades of blue, brown, and white

17. It looks like a little thunderstorm on his coat

18. God was confused about what to color this dog…

19. I am confused whether his chin is squared or not

20. Two brown spots instead of eyebrows

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