11 Adorable Puppies That Will Steal Your Heart Instantly

If there is anything that is more adorable than a dog, it would be a puppy. Puppies are just too precious. They are innocent and playful. They look at us like we are their parents and we treat them like our own children. This is why we always consider them family even when they grow up. Puppies are pure-hearted and everything that they do is with good intentions. Puppies can never do anyone any harm. All they do is give out unconditional love to those that take care of them and love them. A bond between a human and a puppy is unmatchable. You can never find this kind of bond with another human. Humans can never match puppies. Puppies are loyal. They are too pure for this world.

3 being loyal, playful, silly, and loving, puppies are extremely adorable. So if you wanted a smile on your face today, scroll down below to see 11 adorable puppies that will make your day:

1. He has tiny legs but that does not mean he can’t be the next lighting

2. The shopping went perfectly fine. Got a lot of treats

3. This tiny little pupper can fit in your hands

4. Tiny husky makes everybody’s day by smiling at the camera

5. Is this what heaven looks like? Well, it should

6. Fluffy and tired. The perfect combination for cuteness

7. This puppy just needs your attention

8. He looks like a fluffy cloud, doesn’t he?

9. One morning, you wake up, go outside and this boy shows up at your porch, what do you do?

10. What adorable forest creature is this?

11. Just look at these two goofballs. I wonder what they are playing with.

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Adorable !

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