10+ Cute Dog Photos To Put You In An Instant Good Mood

Dogs are awesome and special creatures. Not only do they give our lives joy and happiness, but they also provide us with unconditional love and great companionship. They enrich our lives, make us smile, and are always there for us no matter what. So it is not surprising that they become our best friends. And of course, we feel happy when we live with them. Even when they do something silly and crazy, we still feel happy and love them so much.

If you are in a bad mood and want to improve it to feel more optimistic and feel uplifted, you can try to have a look at these funny dog photos below. Bad days happen to everyone, but never let a bad day make you feel bad about yourself. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. The second before the word “go”

2. My dog never misses an opportunity to eat

3. I was working the night shift and the wife sent this

4. Just 2 orcas, keep on scrolling…

5. Hey, Mom! Can Randy sleep over?

6. Same old place, just like the same old days

7. My foster pupper is overjoyed to announce his promotion to small branch manager

8. Listen to my new song hooman, it's name: Feed me, now ruff ruff

9. Looks like he has a nice set of new teeth

10. Meet Sofie. If she goes outside we shut the door and she hates it. So she keeps her butt inside to prevent this while she birdwatches

11. This is how she fetches the frisbee

12. It’s become a yearly tradition

13. Maybe I shouldn’t have outsourced my homeschooling

14. This is how he sits

15. If I don’t see the doctor, she doesn’t exist!

16. My dog has become liquid

17. Small pupper, small teef

18. My dog Lilica watching me while I eat

19. When your human takes you to work

20. It’s hard to tell, but one of my dogs helped mow the lawn

21. My dad has just figured out how to use the front camera. This is the first picture he sent

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