Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #9



1. Good night, sleep tight everyone

From maple_the_minidachshund

2. Now this one is the cutest

From @crusoe_dachshund

3. I still want 100 dachshunds 💯

From @minnieandmabelsadventures

4. Oh noo

From @batatinhathedog

5. Only chimken for life

From @loulouminidachshund

6. Someone will need carrying home 😅🍻

From @sophieheapsnew

7. Those eyes though 😍

From @harrythedaxen

8. Excited for the new bed 🛌🤗 

From @pops_thedachshund

9. The sweetest thing the way he tucks the dog in *cries*


10. Watch till the end... 😂

From @midlandsdaxies

11. Rate out this 1-10 🐕💪


12. Have you ever seen one so big?

From @iloveechihuahua

13. He’s fine ❤️🌳

From brittrosseel3

14. He's so excited, cutie 😍❤️

From @harrythedaxen

15. What do you think he’s thinking about? 

From @jayamato

16. This scene will ALWAYS make me laugh 😂


17. So adorable 😂

From @chloe_mylove_mypet

18. What a Wonderful World 🤍

From @prinss_lilo_weenie

19. We always have that one favourite

From @chillithedachy


From @myhouseisafarm01

21. When you have long body with short leg 😮❤️

For your concern he is okie ❤️


22. Sweet baby

From nataliafimbres_ 

23. The tongue 😂♥️

From xtdivocak 

24. Ting ting my hooman: Food 🧆😜😍

From jmcooper16 

25. Don't mind me and my boujee rain water shower head 💦

From @barkleytheweenie

26. First time having a puppy, my heart was bursting with sunshine ☀️

From @emily_sparkle_82

27. Lmao so cute 🥰❤️🐾

From @ashley_jio_kim_becky

28. The sweetest dog 😍❤️

From @littlesausagesisters

29. When you get your head stuck in your bed 😂😂


30. Who ever said dachshund weren't bred to hun ducks?! 😝

From @crusoe_dachshund

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