Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #8



1. Perfect spot 😂

From @dashkadogfairy

2. How can you say no to this face?!😛

From @sonny.thesausage

3. Oh, welcome to another episode of *NOT IN THE WILD*:

From @wildwildwilli

4. When they both jumped at each other 😭🤣

From _marquitosmercado

5. Proof that dogs can be souls mates too ❣️

From @winnie_the_slinker

6. ketchup, mustard, hold the onions.

From @mushuthebrat

7. Sweet but sassy 🙈🤍

From @hollysdachshunds

8. When physics and wieners unite ✈️

From @mobytheween

9. Cuddle time, best time

From @sonny.thesausage

10. Wasn’t me..👀

From @jaggathedachshund

11. I think mams crocs look better on me 🐊

From @pabs_thedachshund

12. the sass is unmatched

From @ellielongbabe

13. Coco has a chicken obsession. Where the chicken is, there’s Coco.

From @loulouminidachshund

14. “Do you think I’m cute?” - Baby Nelly 🥹

From @wilson_the_wiener

15. Attention: almost weekend! Hang in there…😅

From @tommy_dutch_dachshund

16. Mon cow-boy 🤎

From @shelby__dachshund_

17. Pretty woman, walking down the street 😊

From @charliefromparis_

18. Can we go home now? 🤣🐾❤

From @adventuresofbuoy ⠀

19. Hotdog and the sausage

From @scoutthedox

20. I can not wait till summer so I can swim with my dachshund

From @little_snags_benny_and_delilah

21. How cute is this? 💪

From @the_daxie_trouble

22. He is learning how to bake

From @motherofsausages

23. He just prefers the finer things in life🤌🏻 anyone else relate? 

From @roswell_weenie

24. Oh how precious ❤️😍


25. Proud Mama ❤️


26. So much love for my snags . They are always with me

From  @audreydeneffe

27. HE KNOWS! 😂


28. My reaction when I see dachshund dogs!


29. Celebration of life ❤️ 

From @tiffanylaterza @laurensmithkennedy

30. SOUND ON 🔊😂😂

From @nelliethesausagepup

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