Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #6



1. What I learned from my dachshund ❤️

From tamzbester 

2. Littlest boy turns 1. 🎂


3. Getting all the smooches at the vet's office! 😘🐾

From nikko_leila_theweiners 

4. I didn’t even know wiener dogs could move their bodies like that 😘

From tartdough 

5. Luna loves her nail polish 💜

From pawperfecta 

6. Dachshund meetup, how fun!

From fulanocafe 

7. What are you ordering?! Get me something too! 🤣

From fynnley_the_dutch_dachshund 

8. What has big ears but doesn’t listen? 😂

From mylatheminisausage 

9. So smol, look at the tail wag

From canilimperiododog 

10. I guess no walkies today ❌

From ollie_de_dwergteckel 

11. Omg he’s so dam cute!!! 😍

From joaquim_salsicha 

12. Obsessed 🤍

From bunniethesausage 

13. Trunk full of love bugs 🐛😍👌


14. And that’s not enough - it’s raining, too 🙈

From innocenti.minidachs

15. Are you crazy? I’m not going out in that 🤨


16. Whoops, maybe I was a lil too rough with baby Luna 😬 

I really do love her! That POW though! 😳

From imbabykoa 

17. Awwwww!!!! So cute 🐾💕

From mini_ukie 

18. Sweet baby ❤️Happy mom, Will not ever take those puppies away from her


19. And the one who likes me the most 💓

From @bubbly.beau

20. Having a little snack 😂

From kev.thesausage

21. Sleeping in with your baby is the best feeling ever 🥺

From katiedugggan 

22. The little sounds & the eyes 👀

From willa.and.stella

23. Sweet but sassy 🙈🤍

From @hollysdachshunds

24. Feeling (and smelling!) like a proper pampered pooch after a bath, nail trim, ears and teeth clean 🛁💅🏻🧖‍♀️ now time for a cuddle 🥰

From @sonny.thesausage

25. Wasn’t me..👀

From @jaggathedachshund

26. Yep typical wiener 😂

From the_dashing_gingers 

27. Hi there 😍

From @thedachshundcacau

28. the sass is unmatched

From @ellielongbabe

29. When physics and wieners unite ✈️

From @mobytheween

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