Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #4



1. So happy


2. Look at that tail wag ❤

From @devdovs

3. He lost the race, but won our hearts!

From @teddythedox

4. Take it easy, it's his first day at the job

From @megscastle

5. The cutest yawn ever

From @pearlandmochi

6. That's my dog too 😂


7. Chuweenies!!!

From @wattndackelbodo

8. She is so sweet

From @rolothewiener

9. Glad to see mine isn’t the only one that does this with their cats, lol


10. Things you should know before getting a miniature dachshund

From @muttleytheminiature

11. He is precious

From @Oscar.mayer51

12. What a beautiful little angel

From @dear.dachshunds

13. So cute 🥺🤍

From @teddyandscoobythedachshund

14. These little munchkins are getting baths later! Then sit by the fire while they take naps.

From @countrysidetails

16. Awe! So dramatic 😆


17. The immediate bite is so on brand for a dachshund.

From @alexandracorby

18. Doxies are so helpful with that. ❤️😃

From @winntheween

19. 👏 Just love it and Einstein is the best laugh 😆

From @yunabugs

20. Absolutely beautiful

From @kajpartaj

21. Very good, leaning quickly. Good.

From @theminidoxiepluto

22. He waited that long!!😄

From @oreo.boyboy

23. So beautiful, look at that sweater

From @caprithemini

24. Cutie ❤️

From @long_nose_milo

25. Zoomies are so fun to watch. I just laugh and laugh! And u know your dog is just loving it!

From @fettuccine_the_ween

26. You look gorgeous the pony tales and the pearls

From @lola.thedachshund

27. Pat it, kiss it, smell it and then do it all over again

From @jonimitchdawg

28. Someone get a dryer sheet 😂


29. They see me rolling you don’t say


30. Let her iiin 😂

From @wildideaswithbrian

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