Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #2



1. You gotta spin it, to win it

From @miniremi1

2. Mine does the same thing😂


3. How beautiful, very cute


4. Makes me happy to think about. ❤

From @mallorysowa

5. What a little sweetheart


6. Doxies are the best and most hilarious too!


7. Their little feet on the floor is my favorite sound! 😍

From @ili.vanilli

8. No way, all mine now

From @darcyanddad

9. It is for the baby!! 🙌❤ appreciate it! 😂

From @noah.thesausage

10. It's bath time! I would like them all


11. I feel mine would tear it up 😢 It would snow

From @zaraburfitt_

12. What a cute family


13. Very inteligent

From @lokisausage2708

14. That sploot 😂


15. So important!😍


16. The toy is bigger than him ❤️

From @bagel_thesausagedog

17. I think my boy is broken


18. Hope you guys enjoy this ASMR

From @mylatheminisausage

19. Same! One of my “minis” is 22lbs 😵. The other is 13lbs


20. Awww, little dude is a living squeak toy 😂


21. We see TEEFERS! 😍

From @madison.baty

22. That's one happy dog 🐶❤️

From @oscarmayer51

23. Does wiener ever judge, well here it is

From @noodleandtilde

24. He is the cutest bit of fluff❤️

From @bennythedoxie

25. Aw poor sweetheart, I will make sure to keep him well wrapped up❤️

From @motherofsausages

26. Put a matching one on for moral support 😂


27. You can't catch me hehe


28. Who will get you a mini wiener puppy?


29. Omg soo adorable 😍Look at it tiny feets

From @dachshund__dynasty

30. I think i like this little ✨ log ✨

From @joey_theweenie

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