Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #13



1. Such a sassy little thing 😂⁣


2. “Mommy watch me do belly flops!”

From dachshundsofnarrabeen 

3. Monday morning feels 😂

From @rockytheminidachy

4. Carrot for life!

From @sausagedog_bonnie

5. This dog is gorgeous 😳🥰

From @mony.1312

6. “I got no sympathy for him! 🥶”

From @crusoe_dachshund

7. As a dog with 3 inch legs, Hector usually finds himself judging people from the ground up…

When he’s in a tenth floor hotel room, he can look down and judge EVERYONE! 🤣

From @hectorthesausage

8. Happy 3rd Birthday 😂

From meus_salsichas

9. Having said all that, wouldn’t change a thing as they bring so much love a joy into your life ❤️

From @frankieandbillie_

10. I think he should be locked up - MORGAN 😤😂

From @nikko_leila_theweiners

11. Remembering the first few weeks of the ‘Little Legs Gang’⁣

From @lululittlelegs_

12. I love digging holes so much

I will continue to dig lying down sideways even tho I am so tired

From @kopi_the_sausage

13. We don't deserve dogs. 😭❤️

From @digitdax

14. When they say child gates are suppose to keep kids in… 😂😂😂

From @eric_butters_mini_dachshunds

15. My fur is so cute and amazing!⁣
Do you love it!?😍🥰⁣

From @harlowandsage

16. How many does your doggo know? 🐶

From @thedogspotyeg

17. Mommy, give me some please 😍

From @perrosenaventuras

18. Does this happen to your dog?

From @thetherapydogs

19. Typical dachshund response - “I will kill you!” 😂😂

From @AcideKvro

20. Cheese bored 🥱 I saw the cheese,I was bored….🐾🥱

From @happy_littlelegs

21. No, thank you 🥶🥶

From @shredalqm6u

22. And I want another one 😂🙈

From @brunotheminidachshund

23. First snow🥹❄️

From @peanutthemini_dach

24. So cute 🐾😂

From @mariela.solano.7374

25. When mom leaves the fridge open for 0.5 sec😂

From @life.of.diesel.the.dachshund

26. Short leg, this is why I love dachshund!

From @mildredthesausage

27. Brush your teef.... Duh

From @otter.and.mongoose

28. Who won this howl off? 😂

From  @marcominiaturedachshund

29. These babies are so cute 😍

From @loulouminidachshund

30. He Can Now Let Himself Out😅

From @Pinkyloveydovey

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