Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #12



1. Eat first, ask questions later!


2. Patiently waiting for dinner🤤

From @moo_in_miami

3. Order please 😂

From @jmcooper16

4. Does Your Dachshund Do This? 😍🔊🐾


5. Naughty dogs and bees 🐝

From @sunnygirl_9299

6. Proud Dachshund Mama 😍

From sherry Collins

7. ✨ Can I have a little bite? ✨⁣

From @mylesandwillows

8. Gives new meaning to a sun dog 🌻😂⁣


9. “Oakley always looks forward to first day of school!”⁣

From @crusoe_dachshund

10. The next Michael Phelps🏊‍♀️⁣

From @minnieandmabelsadventures

11. New mama 🥰

From @workabulls

12. We have some super actives babies ready to make an appearance in the big wide world!

We are ready for you babies!

From @pippylongsausage

13. Having said all that, wouldn’t change a thing as they bring so much love a joy into your life ❤️

From @frankieandbillie_

15. So today we raided the recycling bin and then basked in the glory of it by having a cheeky nap 🤦‍♀️

From @dwilfred_the_sausage

16. There are two types of Dachshunds 🐾

From @winnie__the__weiner

17. Great team WORK👏❤️

From @olive.and.pups

18. I think he should be locked up - MORGAN 😤😂

From @nikko_leila_theweiners

19. No, I am not gonna move away from my cozy spot 😤

From @dogsittersvlc

20. First time on the couch 😅🫣

From @dachshund_camo

21. "I told her she needed to get a job to help pay her vet bills" 🤣🤣

From @pennyandpotato

22. Daddy is mine 😂❤️

From @stokesy_gram

23. If Heaven has no dogs, I hope to go wherever they go 🫶

From @stellarose_dachshund

24. When you get your dog a best buddy🐶


25. Naughty Sausage 😂

From @sailorthewiener

26. ✨ Weekend Plans ✨⁣

From @mylesandwillows

27. A true representation of what's going on in ROLO's Brain 😍👏❤️

From @thegoodsausages

28. Amazing love and patience 💕


29. Dachshund is the smartest dog breed!


30. ☀️🌊 I love digging holes so much, I will continue to dig lying down sideways even tho I am so tired!

From @kopi_the_sausage

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