Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #10



1. How cute and tiny is this lil fella

From @faunaurbanagadmsd

2. So sweet 😍❤️🐾

From @eva_koroleva_dachshund

3. That look 😍


4. Baby boy turns one next month 🥺 Where did the time go

From @schnitzelandslinky

5. So cold 🥶❄️

From dachshund_marsel

6. Cuteness overload!🥰💕

From @lasalchimocca

7. The way he wags his tail 🍑💕

From @dextythedachshund

8. Proud Mama ❤️😍

From dukibbb

9. Aww....... So cute 😍❤️ Welcome home lil buddy


10. I love doing this with my boy


11. The best video on the internet ❤️


12. Today I swam for the first time 🏊‍♀️👏

From @hugo_little_legs

13. Expectation vs Reality

From @itspenelopethedoxie

14. Gorgeous 🥺😭🥰

From @itsmartyandbiff

15. I Do like mom with paws 🐾😂

From @nemominidachshund

16. How wonderful 😍

From @ryglengundogs

17. Super Adorable 🐶❤️

From wallythedachahund

18. They take it as an open invitation 😐

From @martytheween

19. My sweet baby is so confused 🥺😜😜

From jaedynavery 

20. He is singing for us!

From @dachshund._loversus

21. He loves his bath!

From @tapperthedoxieandhisbrother

22. Is it a water bowl or a mini swimming pool?😍😂

From @ember_weenie

23. Having 2 dachshund are fun, always!


24. This is amazing you’re so clever

From @bruno_da_doxie_doggie

25. Possibly the cutest thing you will see today

From @herman_the_ween

26. Bed making. 😂❤️

From @hugo_little_legs

27. Give me food, give me food😂

From jmcooper16 

28. So sweet 😍❤️

From @daisysausageclarke

29. What a cute little baby🥰😍

From @pipa_salchicha

30. How funny is this costume😂😆

From @crusoe_dachshund

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