Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile #1



1. Who needs anything else ❤

From @winn.the.ween

2. Gorgeous weenie pup!

From @riyuuuuh

3. Teefys 🦷


4. Have you ever seen floatie dachshunds?


5. Just me, in an amazing day

From @ayla_themini_dachshund

6. I miss when my dog is still that small

From @itsyaboy_winston

7. Precious lovely pup


8. 100% chaos. Love it


9. So cute❤️

From @mellymartin84

10. Well 8 of you are gonna have to change 😭😂

From @yunabugs

11. Hello pretty little baby


12. My little boy would follow me anywhere. Even into the water. 🥰


13. My boy does this all the time, and he love it

Vet says he’s a fine specimen of how a dachshund should be ,and really healthy ! he gets loads of exercise too always running about ..I’ll trust the vet opinion thanks

From @thisistrufa_

14. Weinertrievers!!

From  @wildideaswithbrian

15. My girl has a weenie dog and let me feel ya. Spoiledest dog I’ve ever met


16. I gotta show this to my dog🙌👏


17. What an eggs-cellent demonstration of doggy discipline!

From @zozo_thedoxie

18. Doxies are so adorable


19. Hilarious!


20. This dogs are so freaking adorable.

From @ayla_themini_dachshund

21. I love that walk. He must be very important -- I mean, just look at that stick.

From @ireeneadma_

22. Such a precious little life!

From @rolothewiener

23. He said stop trying to be tall


24. Ommg so cuteee Yawn Puppy baby!


25. Literally made my day, so cute!

From @bimbateckel04

26. This is how working at home with your dachshund look like


27. So tiny! Totally adorable

From @libbyyward

28. Mine is always at the side gate in this exact same position with her tail going 100 k/hr


29. Best game ever.

From @hazel.bea.weenie

30. You really going to scroll without saying howdy?!

From @the_daxie_trouble

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