Funny Dachshund Videos Will Make You Smile



1. Looks like he is having fun.😍

From @laurenwatsonaerial

2. Now this is adorable!

From @laurenwatsonaerial

3. He's sleepy

From @teddyandscoobythedachshund

4. What has stoppers, but is unstoppable? 😂


5. So cute you can tell that she is happy that her daddy has arrived... ❤️

From @salchiris

6. This is your sign to go to a wiener race!

From @salchiris

7. Doxie puppies are so small!🥹So tiny and precious!


8. I know, but...!


9. So cute 😍 found my next permanent tat!

From @reggiethetinydachahund

10. That's a very Efficient Walk

From @reggiethetinydachshund

11. 😍 Working from home and it’s difficulties

From @zozo_thedoxie

12. My dream😭


13. The ears are the power generator 👏👏

From @takslemme

14. When you feel bad, the female dogs are there to here you, and male dogs are there to play with you and make u happy

From @oliveyoufreddie

15. Doxies, no matter the size, are not afraid of anything. ❤️


16. Those eyes ❤️


17. Absolutely precious, what a beautiful mommy 😍

From @jamranchdoxies

18. Dad: I don't want a dog in my house!; Also dad, but week after we bring a dog:

From @dotsiequigley

19. The only yoga I would love!


20. That's so true!


21. What a cute dawg

From @ladyminiweenie

22. OMG she's gorgeous!

From @kaia.blonded

23. It just be like that 😂


24. I'm not sure my dachshund has an off switch like this. He will just run and run 😅


25. Such a cute little thing! ❤️


26. Gotta pick him up!

From @itsyaboy_winston

27. This is so wonderful, they are SO interested & why not, they know it’s for them 😍


28. Beach day, best day!


29. WWE 🤣

From @remdawgs

30. She cute!


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