Those Corgi Baby Living Their Best Life

1. Happy little face

From @corgi_named_hodoo

2. Got any more questions pal?

From @corgowaffles

3. A pirate life for me, enjoy the pool life

From @corgi_zero

4. So tired, what a ruff day hooman

From @freddie.thecorgi

5. Wanna poop this snot hooman?

From @the.corgi.clementine

6. Ride em cowboy

From TT chloeandrocket

7. When you wake up and remember that time you fell over in grade three

From @appafluffybutt

8. Humans better watch themselves

From @sheldon.corgii

9. I love dinner time

From @journeyofdonut

10. The difference between dogs and cats!

From @tofu_corgi @mochipumpkincats

11. The event you’ve been waiting for

From @knucklesthecorgi

12. Wanna walk with me hooman?

From @shorty.loaf

13. Belly rubs for days

From @mocha.chino.corgis

14. That booty evolution

From @thecorgiziggy

15. Baby faced corgo

From @poncho.the.corgi

16. Back at the dog park

From @sake_thecorgi

17. Gonna do a protect

From @corgitaro

18. Humans are so needy

From @sheldon.corgii

19. Happy weekend

From @sugar_welshcorgi

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