Funny And Adorable Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile



1. Looks amazing

From @dafsquatch.designs

2. Happy dog

From @hoppipolla.haru

3. Watermeloneee

From @biscuitthelittlenugget

4. A Stumpede


5. A Corgi is key for any fitness routine

From @madmax_fluffyroad


6. Too much love

From @corgi_toshi

7. Play with me big horse friend!

From @nachothebarncorgi

8. Better sleep with one eye open from now on

From @corgibobaa

9. Spa(w) day. He’s gonna go play in the mud now


10. Be aware that not all corgis have butts that can float

if you come across a corgi don’t just drop him in the pool

From corgiii1 

11. King of the lazy

From @sirralphthecorgi

12. Let me tell you about my best friend

From @winnycitycorgi

13. The laughing makes this a million times beter

From TT

14. Reminds me of the lion king

From Hieronymiss 


15. He know what it is

From @corgibobaa

16. Oh no

From @ruby_thecorgi and @maui_thegoldenpup

17. Heaven!

From @gandalfthecorgi

18. Oh to be an office corgi tied to a balloon

From  @chompersthecorgi

19. He looks like a little beaver

From meetyoupet 

20. Would you rather have one dinosaur-sized corgi or one corgi-sized dinosaur?

From @corgibobaa


21. The real cheddarrrr

From breadtriestoedit 

22. Look at those dance moves

From @magnum.pumpkin.thecorgis

23. The best certified forklift driver

From @corgibobaa

24. You’re the teacher, what do you say?

From @corgibobaa

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