Daily Funny Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile #9



1. Darkside I am, my little furry FRIEND!


2. And what’s a corgi’s favourite breakfast?


3. A cuddly corgi!!! What more could anyone want?🥰

From @latte__the_corgi

4. Welsh Browni


5. Amazing

From @lilthiccycorgi

6. Don’t worry little one, soon you’ll be a pawfessional athlete just like them!🥰

From sky_the_corgi 

7. From forklift driver to hitman?😳

From @corgibobaa

8. Fun fact about corgis

If both of the parents carry the recessive fluffy gene and they’re not fluffy themselves there’s a 25% chance per pup they will get the fluffy look just like this one

From sohltrain TT

9. Hahaha the last one!🤩😂

From @han.the.corgi

10. If you get a dog you’ll have to walk him in the rain they said!😂 Turns out most corgis don’t like rain!🥰

From @bb8.thecorgi

11. Is it true?😂

From @biscuitthelittlenugget

12. Nah, I'm gonna do it

From @minniemoosethecorgi

13. Just too cute!❤️🥰

From @palomaspaces

14. Baby cardi is the best

From @chancethemfcorgi

15. Just wait for it!🤣

From @dash_and_furrious

16. Look at those dance moves!🥰

From @magnum.pumpkin.thecorgis

17. bud didnt wanna go down 😭 was holding onto the rocks for dear life

From @ruby_thecorgi and @maui_thegoldenpup

18. Oops

From archiethecorgi_ 

19. Pupper is super worried at the vet

From @jejejunh


From corgitutu 

21. So cute

From @shorty.loaf

22. Spa(w) day


23. They’re so smart

From @hammyandolivia 

24. This pupper apparently puppied super hard today! Almost falling asleep

From @reese_the_corgiii

25. Very helpful pupper

From @nachothebarncorgi

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