Daily Funny Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile #7



1. Did someone just call me

From @fitz_the_chicago_corgi

2. He is a pianist

From @lepetitmabel

3. Ready for swimming

From @bagelthecorg

4. He is bigger


5. “When you get told you can’t chew the couch.

From @finley.the.corg

6. Boop that snoop!

From :@ollieleethecorgi

7. Booper ! Which attempt was your favorite

From @ollieleethecorgi

8. corgi is very cute snd adorable

From @samanthaknipe

9. How smol this fella

From @corgi_dog_world_

10. Let's gooo! This boy is better that me

From @merry.and.maggie

11. Cute puppies! Look mom I made these

From @sugar_welshcorgi

12. Cuteness overload, which one you take?

From @sugar_welsicorgi

13. So cute baby

From @artthecorgi

14. Sweet and smol potato

From @yummycorgi2020

15. I am not sleeping, I am just resting my eyes 👀

From @pichi.the.corgi

16. Jailbreak baby

From @houstonwehaveacorgi

17. Level Up challenge is very challenging for corgi

From @ruby_thecorgi

18. Snoozy time

From @kingstoncorgipup

19. Tanning

From @crumpetandbutter

20. Sweet puppies

From @rosepetal.corgis

21. So adorable

From @puppie.loving

22. Get a corgi puppy, it will be fun

From @pichi.the.corgi

23. So sweet 😘

From @sugar_corgifam

24. This is how me and my fluffy boy go out

From @jejejunh

25. We got a speckled hot potato on the loose!

From @buzz_thecowboycorgi

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